Welcome to the old News 2000 and before that

December 29th Added one more photo to the "The stuff I use" page.

December 28th Rewrote part of the Zenit Fan and User Page.

December 27th First major photo update of the Portfolio page 7 new photos added.

December 22nd Found a Zorki Set, couldn't let it go had to have it.
Updated the "The stuff I use" page with photos of the set.

December 16th changed the indexpage and background for the hollydays.

December 10th Rewrote the entire anekdotepage... must write more stories

December 5th Adventures in PlaneSpotting, the anekdotepage finally online.

December 3rd Playing around with the background... Think I'll change it again soon...

November 27th added a new photo to my personal page.

November 24th and 25th, attended the HCC days as a volunteer for the Technical Helpdesk.

November 20th Updated my Link page with more links. And changed this Newspage to keep it inline with my other pages. Removed borders from several pages to give it a more clean look. (except where tables were needed with borders)

November 18th New page online Toms Photo Start Page and fixed some code and links.

November 15th removed code from the Linkpage (should be faster now).

November 12th Changed text and code on the Index/main page and updated the Phototips page with more links and a new layout.

November 5th Zenit page updated and added the PhotoSniper manual to the Zenit page.

November 3rd adjusted a few links and fixed some code.

October 22nd removed one photo from my personal page and added one to the Who is this? page.

October 21st All external links now open in a new window. Streamlined the RIAT page.

October 20th streamlined code on the indexpage and added the Addwall Searchbox to my page. You want some good posters to brighten up you house or office? Then use the searchbox on my page :-)

October 19th removed extra code and streamlined code from the Who is this? page. and adjusted the size of the menubar on the main page.

October 18th removed extra code and streamlined code on the Ricoh 4300 laymans review, Eos 5000 laymans review, Eos 500n laymans review, Camera Problems and Canon Comparsion List pages.
Also fixed the linking error on my Photo Tips page (breakout error)

October 13th (friday the 13th) Fixed linkerrors on the indexpage (Thanks Stef)

October 8th fixed a few grammar errors, added some links and updated the the stuff I use page.

October 7th updated the Airshow Photography page, the Digital Photography page, and the Photo Tips page

October 3rd Added two new pics to the portfolio page.

October 1st First big photo update since the RIAT, added 8 photos and 1 photocollage
to the Portfolio page

September 28th Added a few more links to the photo tips page

September 26th Added more info to my personal page (who is this?)

September 24th removed some obsolete code from a few pages, new domain redirection test have worked fine. My name is now registered on the web. (If you have a homepage do this!)

September 23rd Added another FREE domain Tigers Lair can now be found at the
following links;

www.xs4all.nl/~tomtiger the main url from my service provider Xs4all
fly.to/tomtiger My first free domain from the V3 people
home.hccnet.nl/t.piel/ My url from HCC net (Free for all HCC members)
www.tomtiger.net free domain from Namezero (I wanted to make it easier to find my site)
www.tompiel.com free domain from www.domainzero.com (I wanted to register my name)

September 22nd bought an old Asahi-Pentax SLR, bit battered and brused but in overall good condition its got an 50mm 1.4 lens! And a working light meter.

September 15th removed HCC Tigers Lair button from the main menu, fixed a link to the HCCnet, sorted a few photos for the coming portfolio page.

August 27th updated the Airshow Photography, Digital Photography and News pages

August 24th watched the Sail 2000 "Sail in" in Amsterdam
Also testing the restored photosniper set

August 13th added the portfolio page (at this time empty fills coming soon)
updated the newspage, Zenitpage and Personal page.

August 12th updated the Mystuff page and the Zenit page

August 6th added the Zenit, a fan and user page

August 4th changed Personal page and Changed the background again....
found a second photsniper set (1978) in good condition.

August 2nd fixed grammar errors on Riat Page

Juli 30th added 2 photos of the B17 Flying Fortress to the Warbirds page and Aircraft page
changed the design of the main page and removed extra code from two pages

Juli 29th News and facts page online, Guestbook removed, Marquee removed
(did not work properly under Netscape) and changed the background

Juli 28th Pictures of RIAT 2000 online

Juli 22nd Returned from the RIAT Digital pics results not good enough for web publication

Juli 21st Attended the RIAT 2000 Bad weather, low cloud cover Photographic conditons bad

Juli 20th Packed and checked equipment, weatherforecast excellent.

June 22nd Added a new domain, Tigers Lair now accesible through http://www.tomtiger.net

Earlier news.... june and before that

June Found a Zorki 4K camera and restoring Photosniper.
May Found an original Zenit Photosniper set.
November 1999 attended the HCC days in Utrecht as volunteer for the HCC.
October 1999 decided to expand Zenit system (prices lenses at an alltime low).
and expanded my Canon System with a teleconverter.
March 3 1999 added a new domain, Tigers Lair now accesible through http://fly.to/tomtiger
November 1998 attended the HCC days in Utrecht as volunteer for the HCC.
November 1997 attended the HCC days in Utrecht as volunteer for the HCC.
November 1996 attended the HCC days in Utrecht as volunteer for the HCC.
September 1st 1996 Tigers Lair online for the first time.
located at http://www.xs4all.nl/~tomtiger
November 1995 attended the HCC days in Utrecht as volunteer for the HCC.

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