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If you want to see the old news and history of this site from 1996 up to 2001 Click here.

If you want to see the old news from 2001 Click here.

2002 News

November 10th updated the Zenit-19 article.

November 7th added the Zenit 122 page.

October 25th added more info to the Zenit-E page.

October 12th added Part 7 to Tom Tigers Rantics.

October 11th updated the Zenit-19 article with more photos.

October 6th added Part 6 to Tom Tigers Rantics.

September 21st The Big Macro Article is now online.

September 8th The Volna 9 vs Industar 61 L/Z Macro lenses page is now online.

September 7th BIG PHOTO UPDATE, 61 photos of the RIAT 2002.

August 31st added the Negative Scanning page and the Zenit-3 page, another one of my small article/reviews.

August 24th added the Fed 50 page, another one of my small article/reviews.

August 3rd, Gilze Rijen Airshow Photos added, 33 shots, on the Gilze 2002 page.

July 27th Finally added the Sitemap

July 23rd added Part 5 to Tom Tigers Rantics.

July 11th updated my Black and White portefolio with 6 new shots and updated the Zenit-11 article.

June 18th updated the Lomo article with photos made with the Lomo.

June 15th added a new series of Articles, Tom Tigers Rantics.

June 14th added a new section to the Zenit Repair project for disassembly of the ET, EM, 11 and more.

June 8th added a new article Zenit-19, The Ultimate Zenit?.

May 24th added a new article Sokol 2.

May 22nd added 2 new articles Zorki C and 2C and Zorki 3 and 3M.

May 20th Tigers Lair has a NEW logo !

May 18th added 4 new articles, Vilia Auto, the FED 2, the Zarya and the Chaika 3.

May 14th two new articles online, an article about the Lomo and the Zenit 11 article. Also I finally rewrote the entire Zenit Fan Page.

May 12th two new articles in the repair section, lens lubrication and cleaning and calibrating your lightmeter on the EM and 11 models.

May 5th New article the Zenit-C camera.

May 4th I have removed the Skinpage, I learned that Hotbar uses Spyware. I'm against Spyware so the Skinpage is removed and I will no longer make a reference to Hotbar. It is a nice idea but only without the Spyware. If you really like some of the Skins I've created for your browser contact me and I'll send them to you.

April 28th New article about rewinding film on Zenit Cameras in the Zenit Repair section.

April 21st New article about the Mir 20 Super Wide Angle Lens.

April 17th Updated the Zorki 4, 4K page with the Mir and Zorki 3C.

March 26th background is back but very small (only 2 kb's).

March 16th Removed the background (for faster loading) and changed the menu colors.

March 3rd Added more info to the Photosniper page.

February 22th OH NO! FOX wants to stop FUTURAMA ! This is one off my favourite shows!
Help Tom Tiger keep his favourite show. It is all that keeps me SANE !!!
It is just too good to cancel! Please sign the online petition. SAVE FUTURAMA! CLICK NOW!

February 9th Added a new article on russian cameras the kiev35a page.

February 8th Added a new article on russian cameras the Fed 4 and 5 page.

January 13th Added 6 photos to the Portfolio page, all photos made with a Zenit-B. Also updated the Zenit Myth Buster page.

January 6th Added 3 photos to the Airshows in Europe page. And a few updates on the Zenit Fan Page and the Photosniper page. Also updated the Tom on Fakes with more Leica info. Thanks to Keith Berry.

January 5th a new page the Digital Portfolio 2 page is now online. All shots on this page were made with a Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera.

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