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2003 News

25th of October the Zenit-19 repair page is online.

31st of August The HCC days article is online.

10th of Juli Siluet Elektro article online.

7th of Juli Kiev 4 series article online.

6th of Juli Helios 40 The Mad Big Lens article is now online.

5th of Juli K-mount shooting on the cheap article is now online.

21st of June Twente 2003 Beta Article (no shots yet) is online.

26th of April Shuttercurtain tension adjustment article is online.

16th of April Zenit Automat article online.

9th of April big bug in the new menusystem, it won't run on any Mac. New menu is now online which is a bit more clearer and will work on Windows, Linux and Mac. About 90% of all known browsers are now working, I hope.

7th of April the new menusystem is finally here! It should be compatible with 90% of all browsers.

6th of April the MTO article on Mirrorlenses is here.

4th of March Beta release of my Zenit-18 Article.

6th of Februari Removed link to RUGIFT for Website theft.

5th of January Added a new article Zenittimeline under the Zenit Repair project.

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