Adventures in Planespotting

A page of anekdotes and small stories of life as an Amateur Photographer,
ICT specialist and would be Nice person.

Comrade Tom Tigers RANTICS

Thoughts, truths, myths.... a collection of thoughts

An intro to stray thoughts....

Part 1, Share your thoughts with me
Thoughts about manual photography and Russian Cameras.

Part 2, Legend of the FotoSnaiper
The incredible Legend of the Russian FotoSnaiper, an overview and example how one can get hooked on cameras.

Part 3, Lost History
Has Europe forgotten part of its culture and history?
Tom thinks so...

Part 4, Pure manual photography
Forget about modern automatic cameras, Lets go Manual.

Part 5, On Ebay no one can hear you scream..
Ebay.... love it or hate it... but can you really life without it?

Part 6, The Photographic Underground.
An attempt to catalogue and describe the Photographic Underground.

Part 7, How do you get a Camera Collection?
Short info on how to get a Camera Collection, sources....

Just another amateur Photographer

Good Day... its a Zenit Day
So how did this Russian Camera Craze start anyway ?

Tom Tiger and the Red FED
An odd camera vs Tom Tiger....and the KGB

Silver Zorki
Another odd camera???

Adventures in PlaneSpotting

The H.C.C. days

Adventures in PlaneSpotting

Farnborough 1994... Nice pin
Ask question, you buy pin?

Le Bourget.... Le trouble entering Le Airshow...
I'm trying to get to the airshow, trying, trying, trying, trying.....

Mildenhall... Meeting Mozes
I have seen the Light! No I haven't...

Riat 2000 Are you in the Airforce?
No I ain't....

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