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harrier harrier
A Hawker Harrier, the photo was made at the Paris airshow of Le Brequet in 1997. It was scanned from the negative (notice the dust and scratches). Then I split it down to primary colors. I enhanced the red color and the result is a photo that looks much older, looks like a photo made several decades ago. The picture was scanned from the photo at 300 dpi and resized to 800 by 600 (24 bits chosen from a palet of 36 bit).

This shot was not as heavily modified as you might think. It was sharpened, unsharped, gammacorrected then the light was filtered and a lens effect was added. After that the light was filtered again making this sunset effect.

Tom RIAT 99

A sepia shot, the orignal is below. The shot was converted to grayscale first, then back to RGB, edited. Then scaled down a bit. After that I used the gammacorrection tool (level adjust) to get the sepia look.

I did the same in this shot with the cameras. Same procedure but different outcome.

This was a shot of a Zorki 10 Rangefinder. Again converted to grayscale then I used the Charcoal filter creating this drawinglike picture.

This Anatov 2 colt shot was not modified much, colors were saturated and the shadows and highlights were enhanced. Result was this dark but colorfull shot.

This one needed more work. The colors were enhanced and the overall picture was sharpened. Then the butterfly was made into a mask. The surrounding picture was made into a grayscale. Then the surrounding mask was removed. Not as easy as it looks...

Two small Photocollages ( I hope I used the right word....), one was made for fun for my backup cd of photos, you must make backups.
Esspecially if you use a digital camera, you can never have enough backups. And a big photocollage made from several of my photos. Just for fun.

Charlie the Cat and his ghostimage. This shot just "happened". I forgot to set my digital camera to auto whitebalance. It was set for fluorescent correction. So that caused the cool blue effect.

The last one was made for another backup cd. It's a popart kind of thing.

Yes, it was bound to happen sooner or later. A Tigers Lair promotional background. (resolution 1024 by 768) Just mirrored and pasted and text added. Simple but I like it.

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