The FED 2

To many referred as one of the best user cams. The Fed 2 knows many variations and subvariations. For some it might even be the start of a Fed 2 collection. Not only is it a great usercam but it is also one of the best looking ones. The banner above shows a Fed 2 c (navy blue) and Fed 2 b.
Your every day of the week normal Fed 2 (d). Sleek, sweet and having the Industar 26M lens. Which is a good sharp and fast lens 52/2.8 mm. Ergonomicly well designed good and sturdy. The Fed 2 just kicks ass. For some weird reason everything just falls into place on this camera. It is a joy to use. The one I started with was a Fed 2 d, dual engraved. I just wanted one as part of my collection but it turned out to be a great usercamera, I was hooked.

An almost identical Fed 2 but a dual engraving both latin and cyrillic, a bit harder to find but plentifull dual engraved Feds are around. This one is another variation, no straplugs. But there are dual engraved ones with straplugs. And with and without leatherette.
Confused allready? And there are more....

Though it is not well seen in this shot, this camera is actually navy blue, a dark blue. Fed did this to several series of the Fed 2. Colors were, navy blue, dark red which is sometimes called blood red, grey and green. These series were the 2C and the 2D. You might even see a entirely black Fed 2 d these are fakes. Fed never built a black Fed 2. Even so the 2 b series had colors aswell red, green and blue. No greys. Variations are plentifull, leatherette, vulcanite, straplugs, no straplugs, selftimer, no selftimer, different film winding knobs. Top engravings, dual engravings
As Kiev camera collectors and users are sometimes known as Kievaholics, Fed 2 collectors have become known as Fed2ologists, Zorki users as Zorkiologists. As far I have no idea what they would call a Zenit user. A Zenitopath?