Legal page

Why this legal page?

This page is here because some of my photos, artwork, info and links are being stolen. I wouldn't have mind if people would have given a little credit to the work I've done on this site. But they didn't. So here it is. A Legal page.

Copyrights and Rules

The copyright of all photos, artwork and other material on this website belongs to Tom A.H. Piel.
All copyright laws apply to this site and it's photos, artwork and other material unless stated otherwise. In that case credit is given to the photographer in question.

Please do not copy any photos, artwork or other material for commercial purposes without my consent from this site. All material on this site is presented "as is". I do not take any responsibility for faults made by the use of this material.

I do NOT have every manual on every Russian camera ever made. Nor do I have information on every Russian camera ever made. Or lenses for that matter. The Cameras shown in the camera gallery and in the reviews/articles on this site are all the Russian cameras I have.

I do NOT have a list of dealers and resellers in the Netherlands or other countries. In fact I find it very difficult to find Russian cameras, lenses or other photographic equipment.


You may,

You may, Use these photos or artwork for personal use WHITOUT editing them except for size changes. This MEANS wallpapers or personal collections with NO commercial aspect or gain.

You may, use any of the info on this site freely for personal use, without Commercial aspect or Commercial gain.

You may NOT,

You may not, however, reprint or republish this work (meaning artwork, photos or text of this site), in whole or in part, without prior permission from me, the author. Such republication includes inclusion of this work in other Web sites, Web pages, FTP archives, books, magazines or other periodicals, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM compilations or any other form of publication or distribution or for any commercial purpose.

To be make it simple, if you are getting money by using my photos or artwork, then I want some too, it's only fair I did made the photos and artwork.

You may NOT, change the photos or artwork in any way. Except if you have put them on a webpage with my permission if this is the case only size changes are allowed.

Other changes ONLY with permission.

You may NOT, Direct link to ANY part of this site. Or frame this site in a site.
Except for the base urls.
Which are;
In all cases of Direct linking or Deep linking permission from the webmaster, being Tom Piel, has to be given.

Direct linking or deep linking is considered to be Bandwidth theft. It increases the traffic to my site. My Provider doesn't like it and neither do I. It also means that in cases of excessive Bandwidth theft I'm forced to shut down parts of my site.

Ebay and other Auctionsites

If any of the photos, artwork or other material from this site are seen published on any auctionsite, This means Ebay and ALL other auctionsites. Ebay or the auction site in question will be contacted on this matter. Again this goes for ALL auctionsites.

Do not direct or deep link from any auctionsite, it increases my traffic and is also considered bandwith theft. If you want to use any of the material on this site for an auction contact me directly.

The reason for all this is simple, if you are making money by using this site, then at least you could tell me or let me share in it. This is no more than fair. I did the work on this site.

All Copyright Laws do apply to this site.

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