Mildenhall Air Fete 1998

All of these pictures were taken at the Mildenhall Air Fete 1998 during the 23rd of May in England by Tom A.H. Piel (thats me that is) with kind regards to all the people who made this excellent airshow. All pictures are scanned in 30 bit colours at 300 dpi. All were saved in a jpeg format in a resolution of 800 by 5xx pixels. Warning, these are pictures with sizes up to 100 K, it might take a while to load. The weather wasn't too bad, still very cloudy but this sometimes gave an odd extra shine to the clouds. Getting in was no problem in comparison to the Paris Air show of last year. Unfortunatly no B52 and no B1B but the RNAF give a very good demonstation. I'm really looking forward to the RNAF open day at Leeuwarden on the 4th off July. Just click on the photos to see the full scale image.

f16 f16 Viggen
F16 A RNAF very fine display and Swedish JA-37 Viggen

fulcrum fulcrum Falcons
Mig 29 Fulcrum and Royal Jordanian Falcons
mustang mustang mustang

Mustang P51-D on display and in flight, excellent

Tornado Tornado Spectre

Tornado GR1 and Hercules "Spectre" Gunship

Fulcrum C141 lynx

Mig 29 Fulcum, C141 Starlifter and a Westland Lynx