My Camera Collection.

And also the stuff I use to make my photos.

(list from Juli 2001)
Some cameras have still to be tested and others are fully operational.
Some are undergoing tests right now...

A Canon Eos 500n SLR Kit (Silver, the Retro look is in)
This is the one I take to airshows. It gives me full control over my shots. And I can choose for full auto, half auto or full manual. Not bad for an entry level SLR.
For my review of the Eos 500n click here.


A Canon Eos 5000 SLR Kit
I still love this camera, light and simple. The 5000 has proven itself on numerous airshows and vacations. Though it has limitations I still consider it to be a great starters camera. (If you are not too demanding) For my review of the Eos 5000 click here.


Canon Eos lenses,

19-35 mm Cosina zoom "wide angle" lens
28-80 mm Canon zoom "standard" lens
38-76 mm Canon zoom "standard" lens
80-200 mm Canon zoom "telephoto"lens
75-300 mm Canon zoom "telephoto" lens

BP-8 Batterypack with handstrap
if you own a Canon Eos 500 or 300, get this, you can use normal batteries, it gives more stability with telephoto lenses, and it just looks cool.

Additional filters:
Polarisation Filter from B+W (Circular)
Polarisation Filter from Rodenstock (Circular)
Tamron Teleconvertor 2* 7MC

In dutch the SLR (Single Lens Reflex Camera) is better known as the Spiegel-Reflex-Camera.
It's also known as TTL camera, Through The Lens. You see what your lens sees, becaus you look Through The Lens.
All other cameras, they don't look through the lens.
So you don't always get what you see... (paralax error)

All lenses carry an additional ultraviolet filter, not just for
filmprotection but mainly for lensprotection
(Astron and Marumi).

My 500n Customized,

Fitted with Tamron Teleconverter, 75-300 lens
and added the BP-8 with handstrap to get more stability at low speeds. It looks good too and you don't have to worry about your batteries. You just use normal batteries.
Fitted with a 19-35 mm wide angle lens. Perfect for those static shows when people walk into your shots. No more problems if you use this. Well... less problems anyway.

500n 500n 500n

Cameras Not yet in the gallery,

Zorki 1 (d), Zorki 1(e)
Zorki 3C, FED 5B
Sports 35 4 lens Camera
Nikon Coolpix 950

My older cameras,

All of these work and I still use them. On a few of them I still have to run a few test rolls. But all of these cameras are good and fun to use.

It starting to look more and more like a collection rather than my camera page.

Three Zenith E SLR cameras from 1967, 1972 and 1978.
Two of these Zenith E's are configured as the PhotoSnipers
(all of these are tested)

I now have three new Zenit's, a Zenit 3M, a Zenit-B (under the weird name of Prinzeflex 500) and a Zenit-E (under the name Revueflex E) two still have to be tested, and some of them could even do with a bit of paint.
Update, the Revueflex is tested and is Good.
I'm restoring two Snipersets a FS-12-3 PhotoSniperset (labeled Photosnaiper 12) lightmeter is unreliable though. and a FS-122, incomplete and in bad shape.
The 3M is restored but has to be tested.

Kiev 35a (minox copy) I saw it and could not resist it very small 101.5x64x32.5 mm, very light 200grams , MC Korsar 2.8/35 mm lens, it can even be fitted with a cable release and a tripod ! Ok... it's a compact camera, but in my defense, because I said I would never buy this again, it's a very small camera. And it's design is just great. Test failed Shutter stuck, from a roll of 12 shot only in six the shutter worked. I still figuring out how to repair it.

Asahi-Pentax Spotmatic F SLR(SP)
with the Super Takumar 1.4 50mm (!) multicoated
(still has to be tested)

Zorki 4K Rangefinder (Jupiter-8 50mm Lens) from 1975
with the original camerabag.
Tested Good, great rangefinder

Zorki 1(f or e) Rangefinder (Industar 50mm Lens) from 1955
with the original camerabag.
Tested Good, great camera.

Some extra shots of the Zorki's. One of them fitted with a 135 mm lens. And my Zorki 1 and 4k next to each other, the 4k is bigger but the 1 looks nicer. Very much a retro-look.

Shots of the Zorki 2s, Zorki 3M (Leica III copy)


FED 2 (e series according to Princelle)

Voightlander VITO BL


My first and only compact camera, a Hanimex 35 DL (which very logical stands for 35 mm Dual Lens) this camera is nice for snapshots (repaired it twice) but for nothing else. It's really just click and go. It has two lenses of questionable quality and a viewfinder which views a smaller area than the photo. I'll never stray from the SLR path again, aside from Rangefinders.

Zenit Zenit

Zenit3m Zenit3m

Zenit Zenit

Kiev Kiev

Pentax Zorki

Zorki Zorki

Zorki Zorkis

Zorki2s Zorki3m

fed2 voight


42mm Lenses (P-wire)

28 mm Chicon wide angle lens
28 mm Panagor wide angle lens
50 mm Super Takumar (1.4)
50 mm Industar (3.5)
58 mm Helios 44-2 lens
58 mm Helios 44-2 lens (sniperset)
135 mm Vivitar telephoto lens
80-200 Unitax Zoom lens
300 mm Tair telephoto lens
400 mm Soligor telephoto lens

Teleconverter P-wire 2*
Teleconverter P-wire 2* Komura (sniperset)

Additional filters: Red, Yellow, Green and Blue From B+W
PhotoSniper set filters Yellow, Green, UV, Sun (darkglas)

Set of Macrorings

39mm Lenses (L and M)

35 mm Jupiter-12 (Silver)
50 mm Jupiter-8 (Black)
50 mm Industar-22 (Silver M)
135 mm Jupiter-11 (Silver)
135 mm Jupiter-11 (Silver M)

85 mm Jupiter 9 (Black)

Set of Macrorings (M39)

A few PhotoSniper and Fotosnaiper shots...







Nikon Coolpix 950 2 megapixel Digital camera
Resolution, 1600*1200, 1024*768, 640*480
(all resolutions are in fine, normal and basic)
Zoomlens 38-115 mm (Swivel lens Nikkor made)
Iso rating 80-320
Built in flash and flash slave connector
accepts Compatflash cards (no IBM drives)
1.8" LCD finder and optical finder

USB cardreader (better than the awfull Nikon software and works great)
Films used,

Kodak or Fuji
100 iso and 200 iso though I lately only use 200 iso because it's a good allround film.For the flying display I use 400 iso.
For black and white I use Illfords 200 iso and Illfords delta.
I mainly use Kodak Ultra, Gold and Fuji Superia films.

Also I have 2 Hama Filmprotectors for storage of films when doing a shooting session or when I'm on the road (protects from dust, water and x-rays).

8 Mb and 64 Mb Compatflash cards
(64 mb stores 128 photos in hi-res normal mode 1600*1200)

Other Equipment

Tripod, Giotto series (very, very light)
Mini Tripod Slik series (very handy indeed)
Mini Tripod M3 (just for my digital camera)

Aluminium Pilot Case (just for storing equipment)
Aluminium Briefcase (perfect for cameras and looks
very proffesional too)

LowePro camera bag (for point and shoot cameras)
LowePro (clone) camera bag (for just all cameras)
Hama camera bag (oldie and too small but handy)


A UMAX Astra 2000U 36 bit USB scanner with a maximum of 9600 dpi.
For photos I mostly go to 300 dpi or when enhancing 450 or 600, for photos you rarely need more. But I would love to have a Negative scanner.

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