Unofficial Paris 1997 Airshow Report

All of these pictures were shot at the Paris Airshow 1997 during the 21st and 22nd of june in France by Tom A.H. Piel (thats me that is) with kind regards to all the people who made this excellent airshow. All pictures are scanned in 30 bit colours at 300 dpi. All were saved in a jpeg format in a resolution of 800 by 5xx pixels. Warning, these are pictures with sizes up to 100 K, it might take a while to load. The weather wasn't too bad but still very cloudy. Getting in was a real problem though. The security was very thight, which is understandable. But just one place to get in for ticketholders was a damnright shame. If you've paid for your ticket you should not be kept waiting for one and a halve hour! Right? And unfortunatly no B2 and no YF-22, which was a real shame. Still, I've got some great photos. And the weather wasn't to bad, except for the occasional shower. Just click on the photos to see the full scale image.

Apache Cobra Dragon
Apache AH64-D longbow (left), Cobra (middle) and Sea Dragon (right)

Gripen Airbus Airbus
Swedish gripen and Airbus A340

hornet hornet hornet
EF-18 Hornet
tigre EF2000 Eari

Tigre (Eurocopter), Eurofighter 2000 and the upgrade you always wanted.

Kamov tiltrotor Havoc

Kamov KA-50 'Hokum', Bell Boeing Tiltrotor and Mil MI-28 'Havoc'

anatov sukhoi37 SU32

Anatov (left) SU-37 (middle) and SU-32 (right)

C17 c17 Aeri
C17 Globemaster and Aerimachi Fighter bomber