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Tom Tiger & Photosniper

I'm just a lonesome Photographer, far away from home.
Just waiting for that "Perfect" Shot.....
Brother can you spare a roll of film.....

My name is Tom A.H. Piel, I was born at the 3rd of july in 1967. What do I do?
Well...... I'm a computer engineer, which means I repair computers, both on
the hardware and software level. And I am an amateur photographer,
you've probably guessed that.

Many thanks to Roland van Duin for taking the above right shot. It was taken with an apple camera. The camera in the shot is a Russian "Red" Fed-5B. The middle shot was made with a Ricoh 4300 digital camera (ESP-80). Many thanks to M. van Wageningen for taking the two shots of me on airshows. The first one was taken at the Royal International Air Tattoo 1999 (RIAT Canon Eos 500n) at Fairford. The second one was taken on Crete, just before entering the Samaria, many thanks to M. van Santen for taking this shot (Canon Eos 5000). About 16 kilometers through the burning sun (30 to 35 degrees celcius) walking through one of natures most beautifull spots. It taught me never to use a cheap camera anymore and that I was really out of shape. So it was time for me to begin a trainingprogram (Tae Bo).
The third one was taken at the Mildenhall Air Fete 1998 (Broader Skies Canon Eos 5000). The fourth one was taken at the HCC days 2000 (Ricoh 4300), by the way, its not my car.... sigh...
Many thanks to B. Spee for taking this shot.

Tom RIAT 99 charlie Mildenhall Mildenhall

Other hobbies? Sure, besides photography I really like Sci-fi and Fantasy.
Computer gaming and trying to push my computer to the edge. Which usually results in
reinstalling windows. Further more....
Writing stories (I haven't published yet, but I have some good ideas).
And last but not least, programming in Html and Java, I did pascal and basic when
I was studying to be an engineer, but I kind of lost it.
Tae Bo (its a system that works, for me), rowing and photography.... obviously....
with lately an interest in the older cameras and the times before Autofocus and
fully automated cameras. And offcourse experimenting with cameras and collecting
old Russian cameras like Zorki, Zenit and FED.
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