The Why...

A small explanation about Tigers Lair and the Zenit Camera Group

Hi, my name is Tom A.H. Piel, and I maintain this page. I'm an amateur photographer from Holland. These pages are all about amateur photography, Aircraft Photography, Airshows, Links and info on Russian Cameras.

Please check my Legal Page for the rules and restrictions of this site.

In the Photo Tips section you can find my thoughts on Digital photography and Airshow Photography and reviews on several cameras. Also a few tips if you are just starting out in photography. You can also check out the Portfolio section, with digital photos, experiments in black and white, some "artshots", and macro experiments. These photos have been made mainly with Zenit SLR cameras, a Nikon 950n digicam (and some with the Ricoh 4300 digicam) or with my Canons (5000 and 500n). Further more info on Russian Cameras and a repair section for some Russian cameras. Among which, cleaning and calibration and disassembly, reassembly (mainly for Zenit SLR's).

Tigers Lair started out as a site where I could show my photos. This was in september 1996. Since then this site has grown in what it is today. Partly my online portofolio, partly a help and infosite on Russian cameras and partly odd things that came from some of the darker parts of my brain. Or the brighter parts....who knows.

Please bear in mind that this is to some people a highly controversial and pherhaps in some way an offensive website. So if you don't like it.... that's though.

Enjoy this site, love it or hate it, just make sure you read my legal page.

But why is it here?

It all started out as a "I have webspace so I have to have a website" thing. Along the way I realised that it could become more and it now finally has become a bit more than a just another boring website. It actually has info some people like and need. And for now that is all the why it needs.

Another thing that might need a "why" is the Zenit Camera Group.
Founded on Feb 3, 2001 by Anders Loberg it is now one of the biggest online forums and emailgroups on Zenits and other Russian Cameras on the web. And since it grew and grew so it needed a moderator and Anders asked me to become that moderator. All went pretty well but Anders had a very busy job so I asked him if I could take over as List Owner. On which he agreed and at the 6th of September 2003 I took over as Zenit List Owner. With more than a thousand members it is a big responsibility. If you have a Zenit camera and if you want to enjoy pure manual photography..... well... join us....

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The Zenit Camera Group is a port of call to all Zenit users. A place of learning, commerce and enjoyment. You have questions about how your Zenit works or you simply want to know what you can do with filters or to learn about KMZ then like Tigers Lair, this is the place to be. Even if you have only one Zenit, you simply have to be here. You'll get all the tips you need to improve your shots and you might even find the manual you were after.

Tom A.H. Piel Webmaster Tigers Lair and Zenit Camera Group List Owner