Toms review of the Ricoh 4300

(a beginning photographer observation)

So what can I say about the Ricoh 4300.... I have used one for the last year.
And allthough it has its disadvantages, I'm very happy with it.
So lets get started with the specs and the pro's and cons.

1.3 megapixel ccd chip
Zoomlens 35-105 mm (optical) which gives it a 3 times zoom
Resolution 1290 by 960 in 4 modes (uncompressed, fine, normal and economy)
and 640 by 480 in 3 modes (fine normal and economy)
works with Smartmedia cards 4 mb, 8 mb
8 seconds of audio recording
2" lcd tft viewfinder
rotating lens (180 degrees)
iso rating of this camera is 40-80
light compansation (lamps TL/neon and daylight or auto)


- No optical viewfinder
- You can't use 16 mb cards
- LCD hard to see in the sun
- slow to take a picture
- eats batteries
- has a whitebalanceproblem (but you can work around it)


- easy to operate
- build in flash
- red eye reduction
- focus lock
- no lenscap needed
- can be used to view pictures on your tv set
- you over- or underexpose.
So whats the conclusion?

Its a great small megapixel camera. When I bought is I got it with just one 4 mb smart card, which is just not enough. So I bought two 8 mb smart cards. Its a very handy camera. I've now used it for more than a year now and I still use it. Whenever I want to take a few fast shots I rather take out the 4300 than a 35 mm. Just because I can use the pictures faster. One tip though.... BUY rechargeable batteries. Get two sets! I did... and I've never run out of battery power again. I bought a Smart media USB reader a couple of months back. Its great no more waiting or running out of power when transferring my pics to my pc. It just hooks up to my pc through the USB and within seconds I've got my pics. Its not cheap but if you take a lot of pics its really worth it (and I DO take a lot of pics).

On my Digital Portfolio page you can see several photos that I made with this camera.

Ricoh has now built the 5000 and the 5300.
Which have an optical viewfinder and a LCD cover

Final update 3-5-2001. I sold my good old 4300 (ESP-80). I now bought a Nikon 950 2.1 megapixel. The reason? 2.1 Megapixels are now finally getting cheaper and I wanted more control over the camera and I wanted to use addon lenses.

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