Toms review of the Canon Eos 500n

(a beginning photographer observation)

So what can I say about the Canon Eos 500n....
I have bought one last year (march 1999).
So here is what I think about it....


- its awfully light (is this really a disadvantage?)
- its plastic (very strong reinforced plastic)
- it can be hard te hold if you'v got big hands
(there is a grip available from canon for this camera)
- only 1.5 frames per second
- No metal Lensmount (come on canon! It should have had one)


- can use all canon EF lenses
- several programs including night and depth of field
- build in flash
- red eye reduction
- AIM system
- focus lock
- spot metering
- one big controldial
- controlwheel (works very good)
- Multi exposurefeature
- selectable focuspoints

This is actually my second 500n the first had a fault causing stripes in the negative see my Camera Problems page for more details on this. Its a nice camera. It gives me all the features I missed on the 5000 and a lot of extras. It handles great the menu structure is good, better than the Nikon F50 imho. The fill in flash works good, better than I had expected. NOT... Like all the fill in flashes it sucks.... If you want good results get a speedlite from canon. Its much better and it gives you TTL capability with the flash. A friend of mine gave me the BP-8 with handstrap, its great! If you haven't got it get it! it makes the camera easier to handle (imho) and you can use normal batteries. Adding the handstrap and you have a steadier camera (very handy with a 300mm or bigger lens). I like the controlwheel it gives more flexibility to the camera (Very good idea form canon). The feature I love on this camera is the multiframe/multi-exposure feature. It allows you to take several shots with different exposures which is great if you are taking shots with the sun in front of you. Its a good camera, no mistake about that.

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