Toms review of the Canon Eos 5000

(a beginning photographer observation)

So what can I say about the Canon Eos 5000....
I have used one for the last couple of years. And its fair to say that its a good SLR even though it has its limitations. So lets get started with the pro's and cons.


- there is no manual setting on this camera
- its awfully light (is this really a disadvantage?)
- its plastic (very strong reinforced plastic)
- can't set the apeture only the speed
- limited info on you settings
- no metal Lensmount


- can use all canon EF lenses
- several programs
- build in flash
- red eye reduction
- AIM system
- focus lock
- spot metering
- one big controldial
- very easy to use

So whats the conclusion?
To be blunt... its a compact camera with changeable lenses. Does this mean its a bad camera? No... in fact its a great starters camera. Even without its manual setting. Why? It has a big controldial which does all, can it be any simpler for a beginner? It takes all Canons EF lenses. So you can chose from 17-35 wide angle zoom to 100-400 telephoto zoom and there are a lot more to chose from... The fill in flash, not very good, but its better than a compact camera. Autofocus is good. Nice and sturdy. I've dropped my camera several times but its still in one piece.... Canon, it takes a licking but keeps on ticking. The lens that you get with this camera is the 38-76 mm zoom EF from canon (kits may vary) and its a nice lens, its average. It has some distortion in the 38 mm range but thats it. Its a light lens just like the camera. Personally? I like the 5000. I've taken it to several airshows and it never let me down. It takes a 75-300 mm zoom without problem. Its a nice and sturdy camera. You can check out the results on my other pages. All of the photos on the mildenhall, Paris and Fairford 98 pages were taken with the 5000 (and with GOOD results).

Canon has now built the Eos 3000. It has all these features
plus a manual setting making it a true entry level SLR.

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