Fairford RIAT 1999

Toms thoughts on the Royal International Air Taptoo 1999

So, what can I say about the RIAT? Wil this be the last great military airshow
of this century? Its something to think about. The weather was perfect, the organisation
again, excellent. No Ukrainian falcons which was as shame...
but the B-2A made a great show of it.
All photos were made with a Canon Eos 500N and a ricoh 4300 digital camera
(see the photo tips page for details on the camera's).
Lenses used 28-80mm for the static and a 75-300 mm zoom for the flying display.
All pics are in 800 by 5XX format for the ease of viewing.
Many thanks to all of the kind people who made this airshow possible.

f104 Tornado Tornado Tornado Tornado

Tornado on static and in flight

B2 B2 B2 Viggen Crusaders
The B-2A Spirit Stealth bomber, photographed here is the Spirit of Indiana
Mig 29 Fulcrum, Saab Viggen and two French F8p Crusaders

harrier harrier jaguar jaguar F15
Harrier of the USMC, Seaharrier, Sepecat Jaguar, is this what they call Close Air Support?
F15-E Strike Eagle

C5 C5 Vampire
Su-27 Flanker, Hornet, C5 GAlaxy and de Haviland Vampire

Brequet Atlantic, two Dutch F16 fighters, F5 Tiger and F117 Stealth fighter

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