Cottesmore R.I.A.T. 2000

Toms thoughts on the Royal International Air Taptoo 2000

Well, here we go, my thoughts.... The Riat was held this year at the base of Cottesmore (The old V-force base). Weather and photographic conditions were bad, grey and dull no rain though, but cold. I did not see any pinguins but I'm sure the would have felt right at home. Organisation was not as good as at Fairford last year. The positioning of the planes on the static was just awful, so there are only a few shots of the static. The cloudcover was so low that several planes did not perform but just made a drive down the runway and back...... No one gave a nice afterburner shot to please the public. The American display was poor to say at best no Osprey, no B52 (was not allowed to take of from Mildenhall AFB due to bad weather) and no Superhornet. I guess they blew the budget on Mildenhall. But fortunatly the cloudcover raised a bit. Beautifull displays from the Mig 29 Fulcrum from the Slovak and Hungarian Air Force, Tornados from the German Luftwaffe and Brittish Airforce, DC-4 Skymaster, Fouga Magister (Totally Excellent) and the Hurricanes and Spitfires topped it off with a mock battle (please do this again next year). Offcourse the cadets made a nuisance of themselves (don't stand please sit down, oh please SIT DOWN) and why oh why do the speakerpoles have to be in front of the public. I rather have them behind me... (thats the photographer in me talking) Weird new rule this year, I saw a piece of terrain with al little sign saying " Stepladders only " I have never seen this before, strikes me as a bit odd. If there is a terrain with only stepladders, then this makes the ladder useless. Compared to last years RIAT.... not good. The weather ruined it for a lot of people. Still, many thanks to all of the kind people who made this airshow possible and better luck next year (esspecially with the weather and the layout)

All photos were made with a Canon Eos 500N and a ricoh 4300 digital camera
19-35 mm, 28-80 mm and 75-300 mm fitted with a 2 times Teleconverter.
(see the photo tips page for details on the camera's).
All pics are in 800 by 5XX format for easy viewing.

awac b1b b1b blackhawk

Awac in Nato aniversary colors, B1-B Lancer Allweather Bomber (which could not fly because
of the bad weather) and Blackhawk UH60 Helicopter.

Fulcrum Fulcrum Fulcrum Fulcrum

Mig 29 Fulcrum, one terrific display, one of the best of the RIAT.

Fouga mirage Tornado Tornado Albatroses

Fouga Magister Good show, Mirage Nice display, Tornado Great Flight and the White Albatroses
which gave a "Flat" but good show

Falcons DC4 DC4 DC4

The Royal Jordanian Falcons and DC4 Skymaster, great flight.

Hurricane Hurricane spitfire

Hawker Hurricane and Spitfires in formation (WWII)

spitfire spitfire spitfire spitfire

Supermarine Spitfires (WWII) no you're not drunk... its really a pink spitfire.

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