The Zenit-3 was the successor of the Zenit and Zenit-C. Redesigned topplate, rapid film advance lever. And a lot more goodies. This camera was the first to have a very big viewfinder, something we will later find on the Zenit-18 and Zenit-19. The film advance lever can be set aside abit like on the Pentax spotmatic, Zenit-18 and Zenit-19. The ever ready case is now made in two parts. A top and a lower part. The toppart comes off like on the cases of the later Zenit-E, 11, 12.... ect.
Zenit-3 still is a bottomloader but has an excellent build quality. This camera came with either the Industar 50 (M39 mount) or the Helios 44 (M39 mount). The one I have uses the Helios 44 (silver and multicoated) which is an excellent and fast lens (2/58mm).
Allthough the Zenit-3 is the Zenit-C's successor the 3M is more like a Zenit-C. With an advancelever and a redesigned mirrorcrate. The 3 is a totally different design that the 3M or the Zenit-C, though all 3 share the same shutter system. The Zenit, Zenit-3 and Zenit-3M all have different mirrorcrates.


Inspite the fact that the Zenit-3 is a bottomloader it is an excellent camera. I even rank it higher than my beloved Zenit-3M.

Zenit3 Zenit3 Zenit3 Zenit3
Please note that these shots were not scanned from the original photographs but were reshot from the negatives by means of a digital camera. Some of the colors seem a bit saturated but that is because in all the shots I used a polarizer. Except for shot number 3 in which only a uv filter was used.

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