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Part 3, Lost History

Allthough I have no idea if someone has said this before I am going to say this. We in Western Europe have lost past of our culture, heritage and history. Before the first World War Europe was big. It stretched from England and Ireland all the way to Moskow and the Black Sea. The First World War, which was supposed to be the War to end All Wars only succeeded in dividing Europe. In the following years new battlelines were drawn and the Second World War came. To make a long story short, Europe fell apart in West and East. It wasn't until the late nineties of the 20th century that Europe began to rediscover its heritage. Slowly Europe begins to become one.

When I was in school and the Iron Curtain was still there, the Wall in Berlin still stood, we didn't learn much of the lands behind the Iron Curtain. We only were thaught that these were communist countries and therefor dangerous. KGB, Red army, mean people with Nuclear weapons.

What no one realised was that at the same time in the east it was said that countries outside the Iron Curtain were capitalists and therefor dangerous. CIA, MI5, NATO, US armed forces, mean people with Nuclear weapons.

Well... they were wrong... completly and utterly wrong. Take away the ideology and you will find out that people are the same all over the world. Same problems every where. Trying to pay the mortgage or just this months rent. It is just that some countries have more problems than others.

In fact this leads to a simple conclusion, if people are the same all over the world, then it means that some ideologies are downright dangerous. Which offcourse is more than true. We all know the ideology of the Nazis. Not one of the prettiest pictures in history. Yes, I'm walking on thin ice here. Because saying that some ideologies are wrong could place me in the field of not being politicly correct. Or in worst case, being a radical and a target.

So, was the Communist system wrong? That is a good question. In all fairness I can say, Yes and No. It has some good ideas. But since I was raised in the "free" West I've become a firm believer in Democracy. In a way Communism and Democracy could work hand in hand. For the people, By the people. The people should allways decide how a country or for that matter how the world is run.

But I digress. If I look at pictures of Praque, St. Petersburg, Moscow, to name a few, then I feel left out. Missing them, even though I have never been there. Pherhaps it is part of our collective subconcious, but then I would be speculating in a whole other field. But since the end of the Second World War or the Great Patriottic War if you will, these cities, people and culture have been hidden from us in the West. That was until 1989, Berlin, when the Wall fell. Now that was a true triumph for the people. I remember when I saw it. It was late and I wanted to watch the late news for some reason. And I saw people on the Wall of Berlin. Tearing down the wall. Truly an amazing sight. The Guards did nothing, and why should they do anything. You can't fire on your own people just for wanting to be free. So they opened up the gates and let them through. And the Wall fell. Allthough a lot of incidents lead up to this Historical event it marked the end of an Era. The Iron Curtain started to go down. And allthough change never comes easy it seems to have worked out okay. But that is in hindsight. There is still a long way to go before Europe is one.

But finally long lost secrets are surfacing..... and finally we can enjoy the cultures, countries and cities we had to miss for so long....

Are you though enough or for that matter crazy enough to read ....

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