Comrade Tom Tigers

A little intro....

Greetings Comrades, it is I, Comrade Tom Tiger, speaking to you from the dark, dark corners of the Internet and the photographic underground. They tried to silence me, they tried to shut me up but I'm still here.
Coming to you to prove once and for all that you do not need an expensive camera to get good shots. And aiming to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that Russian cameras and optics rank among the best.

Which brings up the question, "How the Heck are you going to prove that?" and the allways present question, "Who the Heck are you?".

Most of these articles in the Rantics series are stray thoughts that for some weird reason I commited to the Internet. And why not. Since the Internet is composed of all kinds of info, some more weird stuff doesn't really matter.

So back to the matter at hand, the next few articles, loosely constructed they may be may reveal why I'm a fan of Russian cameras, manual photography, sarcasm, scantily clad babes, big telephoto lenses ect ect ect.

So how to prove.... see my photos. There... now that is done, Who the Heck am I? I'm a completly insane person with a camera. So that is now done too.

What is left?

The WHY offcourse ! Why Russian cameras, why making photos the old way.

WHY? There are such easy cameras around. They do anything. They focus for you, set the filmspeed, find the right aperture, right speed, flash when you want. You don't have to do anything to make good shots.


Are you though enough or for that matter crazy enough to read ....

Part 1, Share your thoughts with me...?

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