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Russian and Soviet Cameras Collectors and Ethusiasts

Vintage Camera Online
Alfred's Camera Page
The Zorki Fed Survival Guide.
Roland and Caroline's Home Page
Rangefinder Cameras of the Soviet Era
Keith Berry's Website
Communist Cameras
Rick Oleson
Russian Rangefinders by Mark Tharp
Soviet Camera by Stephen Rothery
LensWerks by Donnie Alfonso
The Cornell Page
Russische Fotoapparate
Antique Russian and Soviet camera collection
Russian Camera Collection
Russian Cameras by g.w.vanbeukering
Aad Vermeulen From a Hobby to an Addiction
Russian Cameras (Russian and English)
Zenit Camera Club
Russian Cameras (in russian)

Other Camera Collectors, Ethusiasts and Photographers

MF Lenses (must see)
Fotografie Willem Wernsen
Sylvain Halgand Camera Collection
The unofficial Pentax Asahi Spotmatix Homepage
Old Timer Cameras
Produkte der Ihagee (Exakta, Exa)
Guide To Classic Cameras
Inter-Cam, Camera Repair materials

Lenses, teleconvertors and filters

Cosina Lenses
Cosina Japan
Tamron (Lens and Teleconvertors)
Sigma Lenses
B+W Filters

Camera Companies

KMZ (Builders of Zenit)
The Kodak company
Contax Cameras
Canon Camera Showcase

Store Links

Do you want a Russian Camera?
Here is the place to buy them.

Anya Of Odessa (Ukraine)
OK Photocameras Oleg Khalyavin
Soviet Camera Store (Ukraine)
Russian Souvenirs (Russia)
Russian Camera Store (US)
Kiev / USA (US)
Fedka.Com (US)
Kiev Shop
Souvenirs Russian and Ukrainian
Wallage Reprints (manuals)

Dutch stores Links
Abro Instrumentenhandel (Dutch site)
Camex (Dutch site)

Links to Books

Finger Lakes Photo Books

Digital Cameras

Steves Digicams
John Cowley's
Foveon Builders of studiocameras
Turn Your SLR into a Digital Camera
Ricoh Digital Camera page
The Kodak company

Just starting out in Photography? Then have a look at these links...

The New York institute of Photography
Kodak Photo Tips
Kodak Tips Library
Joe Glyda Photography Inc.
Terry's Pixels
Show and Click
SimCam, See what aperture and speed do!
Foto Works