These are photos of those planes who made me take out a camara
and made me say I want a shot of this.
A rapsody of cylinders, a sonata of pistons, a roar of engines, a waterfall of flight.
And these are not stuffed away in some museum, these planes fly!
Planes of another time, another place. Planes of times long gone but
not forgotten, they have tales to tell and it serves you to listen well.
Days gone bye and days gone gold, Days gone bye and planes of old.
These are the planes which speak to ones imagination.
Well...... to me at least....

DC4 Skymaster All shots were taken at the RIAT 2000

Hurricane Hurricane spitfire

Hawker Hurricane (WWII) and Spitfires All shots were taken at the RIAT 2000

spitfire spitfire spitfire

Supermarine Spitfires (WWII) All shots were taken at the RIAT 2000

lancaster lan closeup constellation constellation constellation

Lancaster Bomber (WWII) and Lockheed Constellation. Taken at the Fairford Royal International Air Taptoo on the 25th of July 1998.

Spitfire Static spit catalina Anatov 2

Spitfire in flight and on display, Catalina and Anatov 2, all photos were taken at the Leeuwarden Airforce base on july the 4th.

B25 B25 B25

B25 Mitchell Bomber, two of three still flying in Europe, photos were taken at Leeuwarden Airforcebase on july the 4th.

mustang mustang mustang

Mustang P51-D on display and in flight, excellent. These photos were taken at the Mildenhall Airfete 1998.

B17G B17G B17G dakota
Boeing B17-G Flying Fortress "Memphis Belle" (Filmversion?) and DC2 "Dakota" These photos were taken at the Farnborought Airshow 1994 and the Gilze Rijen Airshow (Open Day Royal Netherlands Airforce)

Hurricane Spitfire
Hawker Hurricane, Supermarine Spitfire These photos were taken at the Farnborough Airshow 1996.

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