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A small article about the how and why of the ZCG

On Februari 3 2001 Anders Loberg founded the Zenit Camera Group. List Ownership changed later (on 12:35 hours local time the Netherlands at September the sixth 2003) from Anders Loberg to Tom A.H. Piel who is the present List Owner (thats me that is), Moderators are Anders Loberg and Kevin Kalsbeek. (These are the guys that kill spam).
The purpose of this group is to give all Zenit camera users around the world a place to talk about their cameras, how to repair them, how to take better shots, their problems, their ideas.

At present the Zenit Camera Group on Yahoo numbers more than a 1000 members from all walks of live and from all around the world. People from diffent countries, diffent religions, all are here for just one reason, their love for a series of Russian Cameras called Zenit. And they did this all on their own. There were no advertisments on the web, no annoying popups, nothing.

But to say that the Zenit Camera Group is only about Zenits is wrong. It has become so much more than that. It is also a place to discuss Russian lenses, how to take better photos, repairs and much much more. It is the place for all things KMZ (the Zenit builders). Even though it is mainly a Zenit Forum, Fed, Kiev and Zorki are sometimes discussed there. And why not, Zorki was afterall build by KMZ and the some Zenits even share the same shutter assemblies. There is some repair support, even discussions about how to take photos, effects and other things.

The Zenit Camera Group also held their first meet and greet at the Fotograficafair (march 7th 2004). Allthough these were only dutch members we can see that Zenit is still loved and used among a great number of people. Basicly this first meet and greet consisted of only three members. But it was great nonetheless.

Groups like these are rare.

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