The World Through Russian Glass

A while back in the Zenit Camera Group on Yahoo, or ZCG for short someone had a good idea. Since webspace for photos is scarce at Yahoo (only 30 megs), why not make a site to contain shots from ZCG members all around the world? This magnificent idea came from Rob Keppens and Martin Siegel. They choose the name Zemlya, which in Russian means "earth (map)".

The concept is the following;
  • A showcase for ZCG members
  • To show the World what Russian photogear can do
  • To show the World in which we live
So Zemlya, like the ZCG, is a Global project. This means anyone from the ZCG can contribute from all over the world. However, Zemlya is a ZCG project from and for ZCG members only. This way the ZCG can show to everyone what we can do with our Russian Cameras.

This means,
  • No Nasty Nikons
  • No Crazy Canons
  • No Mean Minoltas
  • No Pretty Pentaxes
  • No Lusty Leicas
  • No Dirty Digitals
It means only Russian Cameras with only Russian lenses. All shots on Zemlya were made with, Zenits, Feds, Zorkis, Kievs, Lomo's and all the other good Russian stuff.

Zemlya shows as Rob and Martin put it, The World Through Russian Glass. It shows the hometowns of the ZCG members, it shows their country, their continent, their world.

So... Click on Project Zemlya and see what the ZCG can do. Mind you, it is just the tip of the virtual iceberg.