Zenit Myth Buster

All of these photos are also on this site, but are here to blow away a few myths about the
Zenit-E and its cousins. This means the ones that are still in a working state.

Myth nr 1. You can't use a Zenit on a Airshow it's to slow and Cumbersome..
Well... That is certainly NOT true... (pics from my Airshows in Europe page)

September 1994 Farnborough Airshow

C17 F15 B17G B17G B17G
C17 "Globemaster" F-15 Strike Eagle and Boeing B17-G Flying Fortress "Memphis Belle" (Filmversion?)
Shots taken with a Zenith E and 58 mm Helios Lens.

July 3 1995 Volkel Airforce Base
Sukhoi-22 Mig 29 Mig 21 Hind Hind

Sukhoi Su-22M-4 Fitter-K, Mig 29 Fulcrum, a very nice Mig-21 and the Hinds.
Shots taken with a Zenith E, 58 mm Helios Lens fitted with a 2 times teleconverter.

Myth nr 2. Macro photography can't be done with a Zenit.
It does not have enough slow speeds...
Well... allright it does not have enough slow speeds. But equipped with macro rings and a tripod good shots are indeed possible. And doesn't everybody use a tripod with macros?

Zweefvlieg Zweefvlieg
These shots were made with a 80-200 mm zoom lens (my repaired Unitax lens) equipped with macro rings and set to macro mode. A tripod was used to hold the set steady.

Myth nr 3. The PhotoSniper Set is not capable of making good shots.
It's not stable enough and cumbersome in use..

It's an intimidating set, this is true. But stable enough. Cumbersome? I think not.
It's a great set to work with for natureshots or for black and white.

chickens cat sail

These three photos were made with an Zenit-ES manual SLR and a TAIR 300 mm coated lens.

Myth nr 4. The PhotoSniper was designed by the Seventh Chief Directorate of the KGB.
No, it wasn't. It was made, like all Zenits by KMZ in Moscow. (nice short answer).

Myth nr 5. The Photosniper was made exclusively for the Red Army.
Sorry, it was sold both in the east and the west. Pherhaps the Red army and the KGB used them, I don't know. (another nice short answer).

Myth nr 6. You can't make good shots with a Zenit, it is too old!
Well, let these photos speak for themselfves....

Zenit3m Zenit3m Zenit3m Zenit3m
Zenit3m Zenit3m
These fotos were made with a Zenit B camera. Details about this camera are on my Zenit B page. Film used was Fuij 200 iso.

Several lenses were used. The first Catshot was made with a Helios 58 mm with Polafilter and an extra Half sepiafilter to filter out the tophalf of the shot.
Second shot was made with a Soligor 400/6.3 telephotolens (125 at 6.3). The Prune and butterfly was done with a Vivitar 135/2 telephotolens mm (125/4). Fourth shot, Helios again with polafilter. Both of the last shots, Helios no filters.