The Zenit Clarification Project

Or All of the things you were afraid to ask about your Zenit camera

An Initiative from Anders LÝberg in 2001, coworkers on this most important project, are Kevin Kalsbeek and Tom Piel. Tom is also the Group Owner of the ZCG, the Zenit Camera Group on Yahoo groups.

Version 4.1 Beta (October 2005)

Project files online

(if you just bought a Zenit check these out first)

Zenit TTL faq by Kevin Kalsbeek
Facts and tips on the Zenit TTL.(batteries, exposure and metering)

10 Zenit Questions by Anders LÝberg
An introduction to the Zenit Camera (several types, global intro) contains how to change film, time exposures, what do all the numbers mean on my camera? and may more.

A Guide To Zenit Photography by Anders LÝberg
10 "How To?" Questions for the beginning photographer.

Or simply join up with other Zenit fans, fanatics, Zenitopaths, Snaipers, streetshooters, Pro's, wannabe Pro's, sunday shooters and all others.. at

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Articles online on Tigers Lair
(by Tom Piel)

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  • Zenit-C One of the first SLR's
  • Zenit 3M Predecessor to the E
  • Zenit-E a History
  • Zenit B The E types little brother
  • Zenit 11 The E's new clothes
  • Zenit 12 The Last of the Tanks
  • Zenit 19 The Ultimate Zenit?
  • The Zenit-E Myth Buster
  • FS-2 The Early years
  • The Fotosnaiper the Russian PhotoGun
  • Zenit Repair
  • Quick Zenit repair questions.
  • Zenit Time Line
  • How to rewind film on Zenit Cameras (several types here)
  • Photo Start Page
  • Toms Airshow Photography Tips
  • Links to other photosites and sellers of Russian equipment

A link directly to the makers of Zenit Cameras. Click here for KMZ.

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